A visionary with a deep love of the wild.


“There’s a unique relationship between man and wildlife in Gujarat that doesn’t exist anywhere else in India, and is rarely seen in the rest of the world.”

Meet Our Founder, Aramness
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A passionate wildlife conservationist and photographer, Jimmy is a founder, committed to presenting extraordinary hospitality experiences to travellers and the conscious consumers.

With a successful career in real estate, focused primarily on development in wildlife and forest regions, Jimmy’s dream to connect guests with the essence of Gujarat has been realised in Aramness Gir National Park. The cornerstones of his philosophy are conservation, empowerment of local communities and environmentally-conscious hospitality.

He is the happiest when behind the lens, amid the wild, untouched forests, capturing sights of pangolin, Indian grey wolf, and of course, the Asiatic lions and Bengal tigers. His goal is to surpass the bar on sustainability in luxury travel, and he is committed to the true purpose of Aramness Gir – to reconnect with nature in meaningful ways.

As the first boutique lodge of its kind in the region, Aramness Gir is designed with authenticity and luxury in equal measure and true to its nature. Looking towards a sustainable future, Jimmy wants to deliver an unparalleled bespoke guest experience and make a tangible difference in the lives of surrounding communities.

Aramness Gir National Park Resort

Aramness Gir National Park Resort