Inspired by Jimmy’s passion for Sasan Gir National Park, Aramness is a peaceful, village-inspired lodge in this wild and remote region.

Jimmy Patel’s family trips to Sasan Gir National Park left an indelible mark and an insatiable thirst for the wild.

His love for the wilderness and his dedication to conservation has culminated in a new jungle lodge on the periphery of that very Park.

Aramness Gir is Jimmy’s vision for a lodge that encapsulates the essence of Gujarat. It’s the birth of a new Indian safari experience, a village style safari lodge in India entrenched in the local culture, designed with authenticity and luxury in equal measure and a wildlife experience that rewrites the script.

Our name is the hybrid of two Gujarati words: aram (peace/rest) and ness (local village) and represents a unique vision for a village style lodge. Look closely at our logo and you’ll see the antlers of the spotted chital deer – one of our resident forest dwellers – as well as the taara (star) that guides guests on their journey of connection to this place.

Ours is the only boutique lodge that borders the Sasan Gir National Park. Here, the last remaining Asiatic lions in the world coexist with the semi-nomadic Maldhari tribe. Supporting these rare lions and respecting their natural habitat is an honour and a privilege.

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In creating Aramness, we brought together a team of individuals at the top of their game. From the lodge design and culinary experience to the landscaping and everything in between, their support for our vision and our guests have brought this project to life. A meeting of passionate and responsible ownership, intuitive design and warm, generous service - this is Aramness.

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“Above all, Aramness Gir is a journey of discovery and delight.”

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“Our guests are at the heart of everything we do.”

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“Offering guests carefully crafted moments and a meaningful difference.”

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“This is luxury with authenticity, sophistication with simplicity and service with warmth.”

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By making small and meaningful differences every day, we can create significant change.

We believe that sustainability is not a one step equation, but rather a multi-faceted approach to a long term impact.

Sustainability encompasses every aspect of the business from the way it is built to the way it operates.

In the building of our lodge, wherever possible we have chosen organic and natural materials. Sensitive to the ethos and culture of the region, hand-cut sandstone, sun-baked clay roof tiles and reclaimed wood were ethically sourced from the surrounding villages and Gujarat.

We use fresh fruit and vegetables grown organically in our orchards, edible gardens and greenhouse and supplement these by buying from the local village at market prices. The water we use in our gardens is harvested during the monsoon.

In order to channel an authentic sense of the region in our interiors, we have scouted handicraft centers, commissioned artisans and made sure we are true to the Gujarati culture.

We focus on the transferring of skills and developing each individual’s potential on a daily basis.

60% of our team is from the local community and we focus on the transferring of skills and developing each individual’s potential on a daily basis. We are also engaged in various community projects in the nearby village of Haripur.

We facilitate access to better medical facilities, including medicines and much needed eye and dental facilities in the area.

Schools are being built and existing ones improved to better serve the needs of scholars beyond primary education. Aramness Conservation & Wildlife Trust has adopted one school in Haripur Village, with a further three schools from surrounding villages in the pipeline.

Our edible gardens (vegetable garden, orchard and greenhouse) are tended to by 100% local farmers. As an income generator, we teach local farmers the ways of organic farming, providing organic seeds free of cost. Once ready to harvest, we buy all these crops back at market rates for lodge use.

Our principal conservation aim is to encourage the growth of the Asiatic lion population.

By educating visitors, supporting their natural environment with sustainable practices, and working with local communities to ensure a long and healthy coexistence, we seek to fulfil this objective.

We train our local park guides in the way of our unique approach to game drives, crafting a more natural and holistic approach to wildlife interaction.

We are working with the Gujarat Forest Department and the community to create awareness around lion Conservation in India, potential issues, including the removal of all fences to ensure the safe passage of wildlife across our land as well as educating local farmers about the potential risks of antibiotic poisoning to lions. Every time a guest stays with us they contribute directly to conservation.

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“My commitment is not only to create a beautiful, luxurious village for guests to experience the abundance of Gir and Gujarat, but also to ensure that we - Aramness and our guests - make a meaningful difference to the preservation and conservation of the wildlife and the people that have enthralled visitors for thousands of years.”




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