Meet the team behind this lovely village style lodge, authentic to this region in India.

We’re the first to admit that Aramness Gir is the world-class safari lodge it is because of its people. Our staff members are the glue that hold it all together and have been selected because they come with a passionate commitment to taking care of our guests.

a lightly faded band with designs

a lightly faded band with designs

Parikshit Rathore 1

Parikshit Singh Rathore

Lodge Manager

Since the moment he joined our team, Parikshit has brought an element of fervor and enthusiasm to Aramness that’s hard to replicate. Gained over 12 years, his experience in the luxury hospitality sector spans a career working with esteemed brands such as andBeyond and Taj Safaris.

He is integral in ensuring that the lodge runs as efficiently as it does, leading and working alongside his team to ensure that passion, generosity and collaboration are brought to the fore.

Trained and qualified in naturalism, as well as hotel operations, his expertise in the seamless day to day running of our lodge is akin to his deep love of the natural wonders that exist beyond it. “Protecting the wilderness and the local culture of this region has long been my vision and passion,” he says, which is a sentiment that resounds with our own ethos of sustainable, culturally-led tourism.

Meet Our Family, Aramness

Chetan Singh Rana

Executive Chef

Bringing the flavours of Gujarat to an international palette is no easy feat. Together with Kamini Patel, Chetan is responsible for menu planning and implementation, but most importantly cooking and delivering food made with love and meeting the varied personal dietary needs of our discerning guests. If there’s a meal that has made an impression on you at Aramness, it’s likely thanks to this man.

Having come to us with a career history in a string of prominent luxury hotel kitchens, Chetan’s zest for innovation and his passion for feeding guests stand out. He shares our love of Indian heritage and regional cuisine and is an advocate of using local organic produce and supporting local farmers.

Meet Our Family, Aramness 2

Varun Taneja

Head Naturalist

If you embark on a game drive, a forest walk or an immersive cultural excursion with us, you’re sure to come across Varun. His love of the wilderness was kindled at the age of 22 when Varun visited his first national park. In the years that followed, he worked the wildlife circuit in Central India, South Africa, Botswana and most recently Sri Lanka.

Attracted to Aramness for our genuine dedication to conservation, our philanthropic approach to community and our holistic and ethical safari standards, Varun hopes that by delivering informative, fun and interesting safaris for our guests, he will create a greater awareness of the fragile balance that exists in nature.

Meet Our Family, Aramness 6

Vivekanandhan M

Executive Housekeeper

With his extensive experience heading up housekeeping for hotels and resorts right across India, Vivek loves working closely with his team to ensure that when guests stay with us, their kothis are pristine and that every need is met. Drawn to Aramness Gir for our commitment to local culture and wildlife, Vivek felt he was coming back to his roots when he joined our team and recalled his own youth spent in villages surrounded by wildlife. Through his daily role as Executive Housekeeper, Vivek endeavours to bring guests an experience that delivers on quality, comfort and luxury.

Mahema Bio

Mahema Bhutia

Sales & Marketing Head

Mahema brings over thirty years of experience to the team as a luxury hotelier and international tour operator. She has worked with clients all over the world to increase market through a combination of international sales, PR and multi-channel marketing and communication strategies. She has held many prestigious roles including the Director of Marketing at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru as well as at The Leela Palace in New Delhi.

As an integral part of the team, Mahema will be instrumental in positioning Aramness as a leading Lodge in the region as well as in India through her longstanding relationships in the industry. She will also provide a meaningful voice in a competitive and ever-evolving marketplace through bespoke communication strategies.

She is passionate about the uniqueness of Aramness as well as its location in this undiscovered part of India. The attention to detail that has been put into the lodge as well as the dedication of the team to providing beautifully crafted moments of magic is very inspiring to her and she looks forward to sharing this with the world.

Nagesh Singh

Nagesh Singh

Food and Beverage Manager

Nagesh joined us after nearly a decade of working in the food and beverage landscape for some of India’s leading hotel brands, the likes of Marriott, Taj Hotels and Intercontinental Hotels Group. He was drawn to Aramness for our visionary leadership, authentic approach to food and wildlife experiences and our innovative approach to luxury.

As a Food & Beverage Manager, his role supersedes just what’s on the plate. Nagesh engages with our guests, manages back of house operations and leads his team in the culinary vision and ethos of Aramness. For him, there’s joy in representing his local food heritage in a way that’s appealing to a diverse range of guests. He is passionate about creating experiences and forging memories, rather than just fulfilling the food and beverage needs of visitors to Aramness.

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a maroon band with designs