From our pioneering guiding approach to a regional meal enjoyed under the stars, your experience is the very essence of the Aramness Gir journey.

Guests staying at Aramness Gir have several choices of how they wish to spend their day.

Think sunrise game drives into the park, jungle walks in the teak forest, visiting a Maldhari family in their home, sampling our delicious Gujarati food, relaxing in our spa, burning energy in the gym or even better, doing as little as possible whilst soaking up the natural beauty of the park as well as the lodge surroundings.

Luxury travel today is about more than just taking a holiday, it’s an opportunity to learn, to connect with foreign places and cultures, to go on distinctive adventures and to grow as a person, connecting with oneself again.

Guest experience is something we’ve spent decades honing as a team and we feel confident that yours will be like no other.

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A stay at Aramness Gir is like wading into the waters of Gujarati culture and imbibing its natural wonders.


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A new benchmark for the way in which guests experience the Indian wildlife.

At Aramness Gir, we are rescripting the way in which guests interact with the wildlife.

Our founder Jimmy Patel is a passionate conservationist and wildlife photographer who is using his love of the natural world to set the tone for a more holistic and respectful approach to wildlife engagement.

A game drive with an Aramness naturalist means: insightful and interpretive knowledge, nature-led sightings, a genuine love for the wild and respect for its inhabitants. We have created a wildlife programme that celebrates all the diverse aspects of the park, from the Asiatic Lion and leopard to the paradise flycatcher as well as the extraordinary landscape.

Aramness Gir has a prime position at the edge of the National Park inside the teak forest, providing our guests with unparalleled access to visit its wildlife on twice-daily game drives in the morning and afternoon. Head out after sunrise with a picnic breakfast and return to the lodge for lunch or head out after breakfast with a snack and return for our sumptuous high tea at the pool. During your visit at Aramness Gir, you can engage in a variety of exciting Sasan Gir activities, such as guided jungle safaris, bird watching tours and exploring the rich biodiversity of the Gir Forest National Park.

We have limited our numbers on game drives to 4 adults and 1 child, to offer a more intimate experience. For us, stopping to admire the Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher is as rewarding as a lion sighting.

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A unique opportunity to connect with wildlife on foot.

Experiencing the forests at Resorts in Gir National Park

We highly recommend you try one of our guided Jungle Walks during your stay.

It’s not often in India that you will get to experience the jungle on foot.

The 18 square kilometre area that connects the lodge with Sasan Gir National Park facilitates this rare Indian wilderness experience.

This spectacular teak forest, where chital deer and blue bulls roam, also provides guests with the opportunity to see many species of woodland birds. Here, you can escape the typical soundtrack of city life and join one of our specialist guides, stopping to take in the song of birds and the sound of the wind through the canopy overhead.

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This is a wholesome culinary experience that gets to the heart of Gujarati cuisine.

Our produce is wholesome, fresh, and preservative-free and our farm-to-table dishes are seasonally led and sumptuous.

At Aramness Gir, we believe that food is nourishment for the body and soul, and nobody understands this union better than Kamini Patel - founder of Kitchen Therapy - and our Executive Chef Chetan Singh Rana. Planning diverse menus, sourcing the best ingredients, preparing delicious dishes and serving them in a choice of exciting settings is what the Aramness team loves to do best.

Meals are cooked with love and served by a team that understands the ingredients and relevance. Our guests can enjoy meals anywhere, anytime in multiple, intimate indoor and outdoor dining areas from courtyards to roof terraces and gardens to greenhouses.

Breakfast is served from the haveli kitchen overlooking the formal garden, while our village kitchen prepares local rotis and breads or snacks for your game drive in the park. Lunches can be enjoyed in the privacy of your room, at the pool house, in the garden or on the veranda and dinner is served alfresco – either as our signature style jungle barbeque or a more formal traditional thali in the dining room. We have also created an authentic village dinner to be enjoyed in the courtyard of our village or in the orchard.

Gujarat is renowned for its outstanding vegetarian offering and our guests can expect an authentic representation along with our signature innovative and fun approach to meal times.

This means you’ll be enjoying fruit and vegetables from our own organic gardens, with supplementary ingredients sourced locally. Think mangoes straight from the garden, handmade in-house spice blends and pickles that bring our thalis to life and the inclusion of popular local grains like millet and wholegrains used to recreate traditional dishes. Gujarat is a dry state, however, foreign tourists may apply for a permit to order alcohol to their kothis. Our abundant non-alcoholic drinks offering at Aramness Gir includes hot and cold teas, cordials and quenching cool drinks all created using homegrown and locally sourced botanicals.

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Our edible garden is a love letter to the rich produce of the region.

gir garden

Much of the organic, seasonal produce that you savour at the table is grown right here on our property.

Located on our grounds within the original farmland of the property, it consists of a vegetable garden terrace and greenhouse surrounding a garden breakfast pergola and extends to an orchard walk among our fruit orchards. The garden’s success is very much thanks to community involvement from the local farmers and our own expert gardeners. Among many other ingredients, this is where the mangoes you will relish in our sumptuous dishes come from.

The edible garden is a highlight for keen gardeners and foodies. Here, guests can wander at will, or ask one of the chefs for a tour, tasting and picking along the way. We offer private garden-to-table picnic lunches under the shade of our pavilion and our guests are encouraged to pick their own ingredients which can then be washed and readied for the freshest salads imaginable before relaxing for the afternoon overlooking the garden.

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Come, unwind and fall in love with life again at our spa.

Man Setting Spa Table

Our team of expert therapists is dedicated to your wellbeing.

You’ll find our spa located near our gym and yoga pavilion, overlooking the swimming pool and meadows. Our steam room, chilled pool, quiet relaxation area and our spa treatment menu are designed with relaxation and wellness in mind.

After a long safari, you can enjoy a calming massage, scrub, or traditional Indian head massage. Alternatively, if you have energy to burn, you can hit the gym, choosing from ellipticals, treadmills and bicycles, weights or Pilates balls.

For some quiet time, take in a meditative yoga session in the yoga pavilion offered twice daily with an instructor or enjoy it on your own.


Give your kids the same life-changing experience that you’ll be gaining at Aramness Gir.

It’s true, your children delight us at Aramness, and we want to give them an experience that’s as enriching as your own. We’ve taken the approach of getting them away from their screens and leading them outdoors. We have created a host of colourful and inspiring activities to take them on their own journey of this wilderness paradise. Imagine an experience beyond the traditional kiddies’ playroom.

Budding cooks and young foodies will love this fun and insightful activity.

Kids can go behind the scenes and into our kitchen where they’ll have the opportunity to cook chapatis and sweet treats with our chefs, as well as learn about what sets our local cuisine apart.

Kids having fun with food

This is an opportunity to unplug and connect with the natural world.

Send your kids on a tour of our food garden, where all of our fresh fruits and vegetables are cultivated. They’ll be able to pick their own fresh produce to take back to the kitchen, learn about organic gardening and get their hands dirty.

three children planting plants in garden

Like a game drive, but on foot under the canopy of our teak forest.

Your children will be led on a guided walk in the area where they will engage with the animals and birds of the Gir Forest. This is a truly honest and intimate way to connect with nature. Part of this activity includes taking tree bark rubbings.

Kids Playing Amidst the Farms

Our landscape architect has created a magical space for kids to stretch their legs and play.

Nestled between established trees and berms, the Aramness Playscape provides an imaginative hideaway for play and outdoor activities.

A meandering path leads them among colorful plants and landscaping elements to a seating wall and bamboo structures. Picture a bamboo tunnel, bamboo domes draped in foliage and fun hanging seating, an interactive zero-depth water feature and a design and layout created with play in mind.

Mother Son Duo Inside a Log

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