At Aramness Gir, we are committed to creating an unbroken chain of perfectly crafted moments.

These moments are woven into our world-class accommodation, our warm gracious hospitality, delicious regionally-inspired food and our holistic guided wildlife experiences.

Through Aramness Gir, we bring our guests closer to nature and closer to the authentic rhythm of life in Gujarat. Everything we do is done with integrity.

As the light pierced through the perforations of the dried leaf of a sal tree, the design for our jali screens came to life. As the day closed in and talk of the Maldhari nesses (villages) combined with a sense of comfort and peace (aram), so our name: ARAMNESS was born. As we wandered through the local villages with their meandering streets and organic building structures, so we conceived of the unique design concept for our lodge.

If you're planning a wildlife adventure, welcome to our Sasan Gir stay to experience the thrill of spotting majestic Asiatic lions in their natural habitat.

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Inspired by the charm of Gujarat villages, our design balances the scales between traditional influence and elegant simplicity.

Only the calls of the wild break the silence of the spectacular teak forest.

Situated on the fringe of the Sasan Gir National Park in Gujarat, India on former farmlands, Aramness Gir is the only luxury boutique hospitality offering in the state. Its name is derived from the union of two words: aram, meaning rest or peace in Gujarati and ness, which is the word used to describe the local Maldhari villages here.

Located within the 18 square kilometre area that skirts the National Park, Aramness Gir sits within a rarely undeveloped natural paradise in a protected teak forest. This forest is home to abundant bird and animal species freely roaming between the park, area and lodge.

Conceptualised and designed by Nicholas Plewman Architects and Fox Browne Creative, the lodge design takes its inspiration from the characteristic local village, Haripur, with its central cobbled streets fringed with courtyard homes (kothis).

Natural forest and meadow gardens have been revived on the property wherever possible and are experienced in and around the kothis and guest areas, merging the natural habitat of the area with the built environment. The edible garden is grown on the original farmland keeping an aspect of the working farm intact. The mangoes you will relish in our sumptuous dishes come from just beyond your room.

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We believe in the sophistication of simplicity - that less is more. But don’t think for a second that means we forgo any of the luxuries.

It’s authentic moments like these that make up the unique experience at Aramness Gir.

Deeply luxurious and comfortable yet unpretentious and elegantly simple our kothis celebrate the best of Gujarati design. The lodge architecture, while drawing from its context, also borrows from contemporary design with clean lined and bold aspects to its aesthetic.

Our 18 suites, called kothis - meaning bungalow or small home - take their cue from the charmingly informal arrangement of local Gujarati village homes, whose buildings develop spontaneously with the passage of time. True to our name (Aramness – peaceful village), our understated, yet utterly luxurious interiors have been designed to instil deep comfort and tranquillity and have been constructed using the many natural materials and craft techniques native to Gujarat and India.

Each kothi is a spacious double storey building that draws on the honesty of materials, and the sophistication of simplicity, with either one or two ground floor bedrooms in each, a sitting room, a luxurious and spacious bathroom with a tub and shower, as well as an outdoor shower. All of our kothis have a cool shaded courtyard and a first-floor veranda which looks out over waterways and beyond to the dense teak forest. Here, guests can catch the breeze under the shade of clay tiled roofs.

A small swimming pool, inspired by the characteristic Indian step wells features in each kothis and a series of jali screens, hand-carved from sandstone, cast dappled light over the room.

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Our guests come together in and around the haveli, traditionally a manor house or mansion with historical significance, that has a large central courtyard authentic to Gujarat homes.

haveli at aramness

The crafted details of the Haveli create a sense of drama and scale that surprise and delight guests.

Here, the chime of water features the shade from overhead canopies and the borders of flowering plants combine to create a natural rhythm with the architecture.

This handsome jali-screened and colonnaded building is where we welcome our guests. The spacious, cool courtyard is fringed by the dining room, sitting room and library, and looks out over beautifully landscaped, terraced gardens. Here, guests can enjoy a host of immersive culinary experiences that bring them closer to the local culture and epicurean heritage of the region.

The imposing sandstone towers of the haveli have been meticulously hand-carved in the traditional method by local masons with their motif inspired by the perforations of dried sal tree leaves.

Head upstairs and you’ll find our library, a quiet, cosseting space brimming with books of all kinds where you can while away the hours at your leisure. The key feature in the library is an original wooden lattice screen façade of a building, creating a perfect setting for a beautiful vantage over the gardens. The library can be booked for private dinners.

pool house at aramness

Pool House

Cool off from the day’s heat in our generous infinity pool with its wide views over the property’s re-wilded meadows.

Meet for tea and toasties in the afternoon or sample our Nasta menu, a generous but simple all-day dining offering for those who can’t tear themselves away from the pool. We also have a traditional gola cart stationed here, kitted out with shaved ice in the flavour of the day, a fresh juice station and a coffee bar.

Craft Gallery aof the Loodge

Craft Gallery

Our craft gallery is about curated local handcrafts and authentic objects that speak to a sense of place.

Think clothing, accessories, jewellery, art and crafts all inspired by global tastes but authentically rooted in India and Gujarat and made by our community. Many of our items have taken their cue from the lodge itself and would make unique, tasteful mementos to take home.

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Nourishing mind, body and soul is of paramount importance to us during your stay.

Typically, carving time out for yourself can be challenging and now more than ever we need that time. Our Aramness spa offers treatments that focus on respite, relaxation and wellness. You’ll find it located near our gym, overlooking the swimming pool and meadows beyond with facilities comprising steam rooms, massage rooms and a nail bar. Next to the gym, the yoga pavilion offers a quiet space overlooking the teak forest for meditation and twice daily yoga sessions.

While you’re there, explore our extensive range of in-house wellness products, made using all-natural ingredients and botanicals sourced both from our edible garden and ethical farmers and enjoy our signature range of holistic, in-house tea blends.

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The unique layout at Aramness Gir draws its inspiration from the lodge’s location on the fringe between an ancient agricultural society and the wild.

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Beyond its gate, lies the heart of the Aramness experience, a village street, modeled on similar streets in nearby villages or nesses.

The driveway that brings you to our haveli is straddled by our bountiful edible gardens, fruit orchards and re-wilded meadows, where wild chital and wandering domestic buffalo share a waterhole, finally drawing up at the impressive village gates beneath the ramparts of our haveli.

Our handsome haveli is the first building you’ll enter upon arriving at Aramness Gir. Beyond its gate, lies the heart of the Aramness experience, a village street, modeled on similar streets in nearby villages or nesses. To the left of the haveli guests will find the swimming pool, spa, gym, craft gallery and yoga and meditation pavilion.

Walk beyond the haveli, along the cobbled street and past the water furrow, through a winding alley of courtyards and planters and our 18 spacious and sensitively designed kothis will emerge, giving our lodge an authentically Gujarati feel. Each kothi, has a baraza seat or planter on its street façade and beyond this, one looks out over the forest.

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