Fox Browne Creative & Nicholas Plewman Architects

Aramness is the culmination of collaborative design between Fox Browne Creative and Nicholas Plewman Architects. Having worked together on countless projects across seven countries and two continents, they have once again combined their unique skills to create a memorable guest experience. Nicholas Plewman Architects provide architectural design and project implementation that is uncompromising and ecologically sustainable in the remotest wilderness areas and Fox Browne Creative delivers innovative services in Hospitality Design and Brand Creation, Architecture, Interior Design and Hospitality Operations - artfully integrating spaces, places and gracious hospitality.

a lightly faded band with designs

a lightly faded band with designs


Drawing on years of experience and a personalised process, they artfully integrate spaces, places and gracious hospitality. Shaping the hospitality design landscape one award-winning lodge at a time, Fox Browne Creative are writing the rule book on experiential hospitality design.

Debs Chris

Debra Fox & Christopher Browne

Founders & Owners, Fox Browne Creative

Debra and Chris bring a wealth of experience in this sector and have created a lodge with a deep sense of place – a luxury experience with all the trimmings, but none of the pretence. With over 25 years on the ground, Debra’s skillset exists in bridging the gap between operations and design, while Chris’ focus is on bringing you an authentically Indian stay that matches up to international luxury design standards. They’ve worked with an armoury of skilled team members to shape the Aramness Gir brand from inception through to delivery.

Ash, Meet Our Creators, Aramness

Ashley van der Walt

Interior Designer, Fox Browne Creative

Together with Chris, Ashley has used her vision and skills in interior design to bring the Aramness Gir aesthetic to life. She has been a part of the Fox Browne family for 6 years and has worked with the compay on various luxury lodges. Visiting India and the Gir area and capturing the essence of its culture – this is what has informed all of the unique and curated details of our authentic lodge design.

Lesley, Meet Our Creators, Aramness

Lesley Fox

Hospitality & Training, Fox Browne Creative

Lesley is a behind the scenes master whose skillset ensures that your experience at Aramness Gir is both carefully planned and seemingly effortless. The minutiae of detail that goes into a day at Aramness Gir… that’s her domain, from the carefully sought out beaten brass and earthenware dishes used for a haveli dinner to the exact arrangement of your luggage once brought to your kothi - zips facing forward and airline tags removed. Her years on the ground spent training staff result in the polished and generous service you experience during your stay. Les has masterminded our innovative guest experience and has brought the best out in our staff members.


Alastair Kilpin

Owner of Mammoth Safaris & Essential Guiding

Alastair has dedicated his working life to wildlife education and guiding. He worked with Debra and Chris for more than 15 years before starting his own business. He’s a family man, a naturalist and an itinerant traveller with decades of guiding under his belt. He’s worked and travelled throughout the untamed regions of Africa as well as explored parts of South America and India. His vision is to influence the guiding experience within Gir and to see it position itself as a leader in the tourism of the region, embracing its rich biodiversity and culture.

Kamini, Meet Our Creators, Aramness

Kamini Patel

Founder of Kitchen Therapy

If anybody knows the flavours of Gujarat, it’s Kamini. This TV chef, food blogger, author and developer for FMCG brands is a Gujarat local. Her farm to table approach, using produce sourced straight from our grounds, and her innovation of authentic, local fare is what makes Gir’s culinary identity so memorable.

“Good food, elevated by great quality” is her goalpost. She has also produced her own range of small batch therapeutically based wellness products and is responsible for the signature Aramness fragrance in our sprays and body products.

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Nick and his team have completed over 35 projects across Southern and East Africa for both public and private clients and has been published in several books and magazines such as Architectural Digest and Conde Nast Traveller. They provide design and project implementation that is uncompromisingly innovative and ecologically sustainable in any environment from inner city to the remotest wilderness.

Nick Plewman  Meet Our Creators  Aramness

Nick Plewman


A regular name in the narrative of luxury lodges throughout Africa, Nick’s principal desire is to design spaces that are innovative, ecologically sustainable and aesthetically original. Rewriting the script on hospitality design in remote and sensitive environments, Nick has combined traditional Gujarat design with contemporary sophistication, arriving at Gir’s unique village inspired design concept. He’s also passionate about the wilderness, go figure.

Ursula Randall

Ursula Randall


Ursula works alongside Nick as Design and Project Architect. She has 6 years of experience with numerous lodge designs in the luxury and bespoke field. Her philosophy is to let the place tell you what it needs to become and respect what was there before.

Charldon, Meet Our Creators, Aramness

Charldon Wilken

Director of Fieldworks Design Group

Charldon’s practice is in urban design and landscape architecture, two realms that he believes are intrinsically linked. He approaches design holistically, drawing from local inspiration, community and sustainability. Guided by Nicholas Plewman Architects, his plan for Aramness Gir was for the gardens and outdoor spaces to “meld into the built environment and the surrounding natural landscape”. The result is a landscape in harmony with its context.

a maroon band with designs

a maroon band with designs