the housekeeping team at Aramness

The heartbeat of Aramness - the invisible ninjas who create magic behind the scenes is the wonderful Housekeeping Team, writes Kamini Patel.

In India, chai is more than just a simple cup of tea – it is woven into the fabric of this nation. Chai time in every home is a time to catch a breath and escape the hustle and bustle of the day to reconnect. It is always characterised by storytelling and the sharing of news as spicy and flavourful as the tea itself - Chai Time at Aramness is no different.

There is one team at Aramness that is physically activated long before you arrive to our lodge. They are fully aware of your preferences - they know your pillow type, they know your dietary requirements, they go above and beyond in creating an unparalleled guest experience - they are our invisible ninjas (a term coined by one of our esteemed guests), also known as the Housekeeping Team at Aramness.

Our Housekeeping Team at Aramness predominantly comprises the local community, hired from the nearby local villages and trained to utmost perfection - the team that is the backbone of our beautiful lodge. From ensuring the linens are crisp and clean and the bathtub is sparkling to the pathways being absolutely spic and span, this team is the one that works tirelessly in the background, always with a smile on their faces. Narendra Bhandari – the man who leads the team, also ensures every guest stay is a memorable one.

housekeeping team member entering a room at Aramness with a smile on his face

He is in charge of managing and training the largest team at our lodge. He and the team have been guided by the fabulous Lesley Fox of Fox Browne Creative, who has spent months at our lodge getting to know each of the team members, teaching them the right folds, the ideal way to do the laundry, how to fluff the pillows and, most importantly, anticipating the guest needs and exceeding expectations.

a man pushing a cart during daytime
exterior view of Aramness during daytime

Sadly, the Housekeeping Team in the hospitality industry is often underappreciated. The #InternationalHousekeepingWeek helps us celebrate this team, recognise their importance, and say thank you to them for all that they do. Forming the backbone of our guest experience, this team of invisible ninjas have extra measures to take looking at how our lodge is right in the midst of the Gir forest – from ensuring the pathways are always clear of dried leaves and sand and each room is swept clear of insects and bugs to placing the charger wires neatly looped up for the next use and setting the temperature to each guests’ preference. Their day begins hours before our guests arise and ends after they are safely tucked into bed. From creating the best first impression to ensuring peace of mind throughout the guest stay, this team continually strives for excellence.

If you’re unsure whom to thank next time you’re at the lodge, just find the ones with the biggest heartwarming smiles.