Grinning Hotel Staff

Our butlers are truly the face of Aramness from our guest perspective. It is their careful, watchful yet discreet observation that ensures our service is of world-class level.

In India, chai is more than just a simple cup of tea – it is woven into the fabric of this nation. Chai time in every home is a time to catch a breath and escape the hustle and bustle of the day to reconnect. It is always characterised by storytelling and the sharing of news as spicy and flavourful as the tea itself - Chai Time at Aramness is no different.

Luxury can mean many things - a marble flooring is uber-luxurious but the kind of fabric and furnishing placed on top defines it further. At Aramness, our definition of luxury goes beyond the breath-taking architecture and beautiful interiors - it is the human element; it is the feel of welcoming you into our family home with open arms, knowing your likings and dislikings; it’s ensuring your stay is seamless, going beyond just comfortable to make Aramness an unforgettable stay of true luxury, relaxation and comfort.

Image of a Smiling Staff Member
Beverages Served at the Table
Hotel Staff Preparing Tea
Tea Being Served at the Table

Our lovely team of butlers are trained to anticipate guest needs and provide an exceptional experience. They take care of the smallest details – they know how you enjoy coffee in the morning and that in the afternoons you prefer just a cup of green tea with honey and lemon.

I once made a classic strong English Breakfast tea with milk in a mug at the Pool House, unaware that Anil was nearby. The next day, precisely at 4:30 pm he looked for me with my tea prepared exactly the same way.

It’s Priya who knows how I prefer to drink sparkling water with lemon at each meal and that I always need extra spinach and chilli sauce with my morning eggs.

It’s Asif realizing the chill of a sudden breeze and bringing you a shawl within seconds.

It’s Vikas noticing you swat a mosquito and bringing a bottle of repellent instantly.

It’s Yogesh bringing your next drink just in time for your last sip.

It’s Yashwant at your kothi door with freshly prepared juices for your wake-up call at 5 am to ensure you’re on time for your morning safari.

These are small moments of perfectly synchronized and effortless hospitality.

The Staff of the Hotel while Working
The Staff at the Staircase

“Butlers play a very important role at Aramness Gir. My job is to ensure that I along with the team are able to continually delight our guests in surprising ways through thoughtful touches,” says Nagesh Singh, Food & Beverage Manager.

The energetic team of butlers are young, some fresh graduates, all from various corners of the country, with a passion for service excellence. They work in sync, support each other and ensure that the guests have the ultimate experience.

An Image of the Garden
Staff of the Hotel Posing Whilst Working in the Garden