Savour the flavours of Gujarat.

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Shaping our food identity at Aramness has been one of the most enjoyable, not to mention delectable, facets of the job.

It’s true, India is manna for foodies with its rich spice history and Gujarat, in particular, boasts an impressive Lacto-vegetarian offering. Eating with us is more than just a meal, it’s a food journey of history, culture and delight.

The dining experience at Aramness is a world away from the standard hotel buffet. Our menus are elevated by the core belief that food is nourishment for the body and soul. Feeding our guests, therefore, is our way of nurturing the body and boosting your overall wellbeing. We do this by observing the local diet in Gujarat, which follows three main seasons with every fruit and vegetable harvest honoured by the preparation of specific dishes. Three of our dinners incorporate the traditional Gujarat thali which represents the variety of styles and flavours within the Gujarat state.

When we embarked on our food journey we did so with Gujarat’s own culinary luminary – chef, blogger and consultant Kamini Patel at our side. Kamini’s online presence, both on TV and through her blog, is legendary and her motto of “good food, elevated by great quality” is a sentiment that really resonated with us.

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“During the winter season, green bhajis (leaves) are fresh and plenty and are used in our vegetable dishes and dals, added into our bread dough and fried into pakoras.”

To us, the term “good food” represents fresh, sumptuous and seasonal fare – with supreme quality and depth of flavour in place of gratuitous frills. You won’t find packaged base sauces, store-bought spice mixes and flours or preservatives in our kitchen; our sumptuous flavours are the result of hand-roasted, homemade and hand pounded ingredients. Kamini’s farm to table approach, using produce sourced straight from our grounds, and her innovation of authentic, local fare is what makes Gir’s food identity so memorable.

Guests praise us for the freedom and fun we bring to mealtimes and menus, with an abundance of dining experiences on offer, a couple of surprises up our sleeves and an all-day menu that can be enjoyed wherever your heart desires. Our menus are authentically guided by Gujarat fare, but they’re also carefully planned to follow global food trends and diverse palettes, so there really is something for everyone.

Our dishes are home-style but elevated and our ingredients are largely sourced from our own gardens. Guests are encouraged to come and explore and can take guided tours of our edible garden, greenhouse and orchards. Tended to by local farmers, the produce we grow throughout the seasons is the inspiration for the meals you sit down to enjoy.

Mangoes - the national fruit – are a star ingredient in much of the food you’ll eat here and champion one of the three culinary seasons in Gujarat. Ours are plucked ripe off the trees in our wadi (orchard) and feature generously in our food and drinks offering. You’ll taste them in our Signature Brews, Mango Ras, Mango Tea Cakes and Grilled Cheese Toast with Raw Mango Chutney to name a few.

During the winter season, green bhajis (leaves) are fresh and plenty and are used in our vegetable dishes and dals, added into our bread dough and fried into pakoras.

Tasting your way through the flavours of Gujarat is an experience we take pride in offering you. Here at Aramness, our meals are cooked with love and are prepared by a team who understand the ingredients and relevance. Here at Aramness, feeding our guests is love made visible.

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