Crafting memories from daily encounters.

Our Story, Aramness, Resort near Sasan Gir National Park 2

You’ve returned from an unforgettable experience on one of our game drives, soul nourished and mind opened.

The sound of drums beating a rhythm calls you to our village square. Here, you’re led through a traditional hand-washing ceremony over brass bowls and guided to a floor cushion at a low table surrounded by grass mats. The night air is illuminated with lanterns, fire light and fairy lights - the scene is enchanting. Cooked in front of you in a fire pit, dinner is served hot from the coals on patravali leaves instead of plates – it’s Matla Chicken and Khatiyawadi Thali, a traditional vegetarian Gujarati meal consisting of a host of regional dishes and freshly made flatbreads.

Delighting guests at Aramness with memorable experiences and magical moments leads them to discover more about our culture, our people, our country and our traditions but most importantly for us, they discover more about themselves. Whether it’s in our spa, on our dining terrace or traversing the national park along dirt tracks, making the ordinary extraordinary fuels our passion.

Attention to detail is our daily mantra and it shows in the small and seemingly insignificant aspects of day-to-day encounters. We bring the magic to your journey by creating an unbroken chain of perfectly crafted moments, tailored to the way our guests are feeling. We simply love delighting our guests with unexpected surprises that’ll sweep them off their feet.

Real luxury is the sum of every tiny detail, no matter how big or small. The way that we take care of you – “our HOW” – is as important as the beautiful accessories we use – “our WHAT”. What our guest holds and touches and how the experience feels is critical for us. So, we sourced the most beautiful and regionally appropriate table ware locally to allow as authentic a meal experience as possible and our serving ware was cautiously chosen: wooden bowls and platters, beaten brass, copper dishes and kansa plates. Even the lari carts - the same wooden carts that are pushed throughout Gujarat’s towns – are repurposed to forge a sense of authenticity to the region, its textures, sights, sounds and smells.

We firmly believe that people are the heart of the brand. So, whilst we have created and curated innovative experiences, we know they will only be as good as the people who bring them to life. Lesley Fox of Fox Browne Creative mentors, encourages and inspires meaningful service interactions through ongoing training, so that when our guests leave they will take away something that lives in their hearts. Forever. “Everything needs to be meticulously planned so that it is seemingly effortless,” says Lesley.

Observe the world’s rarest lion in its natural habitat, breathe in the dusk air as the bush winds down for the day and gather around the fire to sample the diverse flavours of Gujarati food. These unique encounters are the very essence of India and the experiences that you’ll feast on long after you’ve left.

Staff Enjoying Sitting on Three Wheeled Cart
Woman Holding a Serving Tray to Welcome Guests
Woman Litting Diyas on a Prop Wall
Tea being Served in the Forest